Secret places in Gdansk

Detta blogginlägg är på engelska, så att min nya vän K kan läsa!/This blog entry is in English, so that my new friend K can enjoy it as well!
I had the opportunity to meet a new friend when I arrived to Gdansk last week, just before my trip back home. She offered me a bed to sleep in, and the evening we had was full of surprises. Although I was tired, I managed to enjoy Gdansk for a couple of hours. Here are some of the places I want to share with you!
From calm Jastarnia to city life, with people and music!
Like an architect I kept my eyes high!
Miss K wanted to show me something, we went where no one goes, except for those who are informed...
I was introduced to a bar, that has a history that is really remarkable. The bar collects everything that is somehow connected with the ocean, or with it´s visitors. Many of the things that are in the Club of the Sea (Klub Morza, Zejman) are gifts from people all over the world.
We got a guided tour by mr Andrzej, that told as all about the history of the club and it´s treasures! For example they send messages in bottles. which in Swedish is called "flaskpost". They even had visitors that have found the bottles, for example from Denmark!
Outside the Club
I got a membership!
We had a nice late dinner at Hotel Gdansk, the soup with ginger and pumpkin was to die for!
Big thanks K for this evening!

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